BINELLA of Switzerland - In the service of beauty and skin health

1948 BINELLA of Switzerland sees the light of day in the world of beauty

In 1947, the Ciba Geigy laboratory researched the active ingredient "Skinostelon" intended for a rheumatoid ointment and very quickly discovered the extraordinarily high regenerative and nourishing properties of the skin. After completing the research, it is clear: Skinostelon is not suitable for combating the pain of rheumatism, but exerts a revolutionary - hitherto unknown - regeneration acceleration on the skin. In the same year, a patent application for Skinostelon was applied for as a regeneration accelerator for use in skin care products. The first Skinostelon skin cream was produced in 1950, was given the name Binella Optima and was launched in pharmacies in the same year. Soon, other Optima products for dry to extremely dry skin will emerge, all of which quickly find the enthusiasm and acceptance of many users, something that has not changed to this day, despite the many new skin care products that have been added. 


1950 Pharmacological background in the service of beauty

In 1950, Ciba Geigy's own cosmetics division BINELLA of Switzerland was founded, which now also enables Binella products to be marketed in perfumeries and drugstores.


1969 The market for acne products is booming

The Binella experts agree that drying products are not the solution for oily and blemish-prone skin. That is why Binella of Switzerland developed the Jeunesse line in 1969, the first lactic acid-based care concept for oily, blemished and acne-prone skin that does not dry out the skin. With the much more effective properties of lactic acid, hardened sebum accumulations are liquefied, which leads to better sebum flow and removal of stubborn sebum accumulations. In addition, several independent studies have shown that Jeunesse products regulate the skin's own sebum production and thereby accelerate the restoration of a healthy skin barrier.


1983 BINELLA of Switzerland revolutionizes the anti-aging market

For the Binella research team, it has long been clear: nutrient deficits in the skin lead to reduced cell activity and cause cells to age faster. This knowledge leads to the fact that the experienced Binella team succeeds in a complicated high-tech production process, the complete nutrient chain of the caviar consisting of. Isolate protein, vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts and essential fatty acids and make them bioavailable for the skin. This makes it possible for the first time to provide the skin with all essential nutrients from the outside, which it can fall back on at any time when there is an increased need for nutrients, in order to revive weak cells in their regenerative capacity and to compensate for existing nutrient deficits. To this day, the skin-identical nutrient chain in caviar has remained unbeatable in its energy-building supply of vital substances to the skin, despite the enormous progress in cosmetics.


1999 BINELLA of Switzerland on the border between medicine and cosmetics

After several years of research at the highest medical-cosmetic level, BINELLA of Switzerland set the first pioneering milestone in 1999 in the direction of medical-cosmetic treatment of the causes of the skin. In a large-scale study, the experienced development team researched the phytohormone genistein from cancer research in cosmetic cream bases on over 30,000 men and women and made the revolutionary discovery that the estrogen-containing natural substance not only exerts excellent radical scavenging properties on the skin, but also the skin's own Light tolerance increases and thus counteracts the premature light aging process and sun allergies. In addition, Genistein has the unique properties of repairing cells that have already been damaged, which is one of the most important prerequisites for the effective treatment of causes in anti-aging prevention. That was the breakthrough for an individualized cause and skin structure therapy. What's the point if you only treat the effects and ignore the actual cause. From now on, the experienced BINELLA team of experts will concentrate on researching the skin's own metabolic processes in connection with the individualized administration of natural vital substances and will not focus on the symptom but rather on the cause when selecting active ingredients.


2005 BINELLA of Switzerland lays the foundation for the first individualized skin reconstruction therapy based on the principles of orthomolecular medicine

For BINELLA of Switzerland it has long been clear: The aging process in the skin is a complex process that requires individualized cell influencing of all relevant skin layers and a systematic reconstruction of the skin on a holistic body level. With the principle of "always the right active ingredient, at the right time, in the right concentration, at the right place of use, BINELLA of Switzerland is presenting the world's first orthomolecular cosmetological skin structure concept in a nationwide information and introductory campaign and securing the copyrights of this holistic individual Treatment. The innovative and future-oriented therapeutic approach can be individually implemented for every skin problem and every age. The only downer is that this concept can only be implemented in trained specialist institutes due to the individual composition of the active ingredients.


2006 Patent application: holistic, individualized skin regeneration therapy based on the principles of orthomolecular medicine

Since then, the orthomolecular cosmetology skin structure concept with its vital substance-specific 4-stage holistic program has impressed not only specialized beauticians, but also medical professionals and alternative practitioners. A medically supported computer analysis determines the physiologically necessary vital substance requirement and determines the orthomolecular product use for the targeted and individual compensation of holistic skin vital substance deficits. As a pioneer for an optimal interplay of holistic beauty, skin health and vitality, BINELLA of Switzerland sets completely new standards in the anti-aging sector and thus drives the idea of a holistic, individualized skin treatment in the entire cosmetics industry.


2008 BINELLA of Switzerland is officially registered as a medical beauty brand

It is not the single active ingredient in a cream that is decisive. Much more important for a positive influence on the skin is the optimal interaction of mutually activating skin-identical vital substance combinations as well as the physiological necessity of the supplied vital substances. In addition, the most extensive avoidance of skin-stressing additives in a product is the essential prerequisite for meeting the requirements of a medical beauty brand. BINELLA of Switzerland fulfills these criteria and subjects all products with a medical-cosmetic claim to the strict test procedure of the independent analysis institute for skin health. Due to their specific composition of ingredients and their exceptionally high skin tolerance, the products achieve the quality characteristics “very good” and “good”. As a result, this product range was registered as a coherent BINELLA medical beauty brand by the European Humanization Office in Alicante in the same year. Since then, all BINELLA products that meet medical and cosmetic standards have been labeled with the addition of medical beauty.


2012   BINELLA of Switzerland introduces plant stem cells to protect the skin's own epidermal and dermal stem cells

Four years of intensive research were necessary before the BINELLA research team succeeded in cultivating plant stem cells from grapes and argan trees in a test tube in order to be able to use them in a bio-tech process to vitalize and protect dermal and epidermal skin stem cells. It is a combined and liposomally encapsulated stem cell extract, which is for the first time able to protect and prolong the life of human skin stem cells in the dermis as well as in the epidermis and to activate their growth. 


BINELLA of Switzerland – For a younger future

Today, BINELLA products can do much more to combat premature skin aging than was the case ten years ago. The biotechnological progress as well as the highly complex processing of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and microfine transport and nutrient substances, patented by BINELLA, open up effective possibilities for maintaining a permanently healthy, energetic and active regenerative capacity of the skin.